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Author Interview/Giveaway - Humanity Scar: Last Words (Journal One)

Humanity Scar: Last Words (Journal One) by Monique Doucette started out as a Kindle release. I am excited to say it's now in paperback AND that Monique is offering up a signed copy of her novel (giveaway is US only guys, sorry!). And I have to tell you, I loved it. It's exciting (in the "my heart is hammering" kind of way) and suspenseful, and because it's written in journal format it makes you feel like you're right there with her (you can read my review here).

So... on with the interview!

1. What made you decide to write a zombie fiction novel?
I have always been a huge zombie movie fan, but I had never really ventured into any zombie fiction. I found an online journal chronicling the journey of an apocalypse survivor and my hunger for zombie literature began. I soon found myself reading book after book and I knew I wanted to be a part of that genre. I initially tried several other stories before I began writing Humanity Scar. What was lacking in my first attempts was a true connection to the soul of the survivor, I found that in Kat and I haven't been able to stop writing since!

2. How long does it take you usually to write your books?
I can usually write a complete rough draft within 6 - 8 months. My editing process is a lot more involved and can range from a year to 2 years until I am satisfied with my finished work. Oddly, Humanity Scar was written over the course of about a year and the final draft of the first book was edited in about 4 months!

3. How do you choose your character names? 
My selection process is very organic. I usually write whatever springs out of my mind first. Names usually embody the spirit of the character. I often find myself using names that are similar to people I know or have encountered. Very rarely will I change a name once it has been established in a story unless I find a really good reason to.

4. If you could describe Kat Lacey in 3 words, what would they be?
Determined, Brave, Hopeful

5. Was Kat fashioned after anyone in particular?
Kat has several influences from people in my life as well as a sprinkling of my own personality.

6. What is your favorite part of writing?
My favorite part of writing is having the world come to life in the minds of my readers and hearing how they have enjoyed or been impacted by my work.

7. What are your other passions, aside from writing?
I have a lot of passions! I truly enjoy being a wife and mother to my family. I am an avid gamer enjoying everything from PC games to the Xbox 360 and the PS3. I also enjoy movies (especially zombie movies, I have a nice growing collection), cooking, and nice long naps!

8. What's your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Kill Bill. No, it's not a zombie movie, but I'd love to have Beatrice around in the apocalypse. (My favorite Zombie movie is a tie between Shaun of the Dead and the Dawn of the Dead remake)

9. If you could tell your readers one thing about yourself or your books, what would it be?
I write for my readers. There is nothing I enjoy more in my writing than transporting someone on a journey with me and sharing my stories with them.

To win, all you have to do is comment on this post with your email address (you HAVE to post your email address or the entry doesn't count, I have to know where to contact you at to get your information)! The contest ends a week (that's SEVEN days people!) from today. At that time I will use a random number generator to select a winner! Then I will email you and you have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address!

Now, after posting (I've said this before so you all should be old hats at this part) you should go visit Humanity Scar and join! It's fun and forces you to remember that you CAN be creative. The stories that people come up with are awesome to read. Even if you just go and register as an observer, you won't regret checking it out!

Thanks for the interview Monique! And thank you everyone for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Now get to posting. :-) We need a winner!

Goodreads Blurb:
Meet Kathryn (Kat) Lacey: a survivor, believer, leader, and slayer of zombies. Faced with overwhelming danger, she tells her story as she fights to stay alive. Her adventure takes place during the tumultuous time following the outbreak of a deadly virus that reanimates its victims. However, there is more to tell within the pages of her journal than a simple account of ravenous corpses.

After everything has been stripped raw, what is left at the core of her existence? What remains when the flesh is torn away? Can it really be boiled down to good and evil, life and death?

Perhaps there is more to the story, something hidden beneath the scar tissue of the human race. I invite you to share this journey with Kat, who is just like you and I: she fights, cries, makes mistakes, and celebrates victories.

This is not your average zombie story. This is a first person account of a survivor battling against all odds. Kat is a woman who is discovering what she is made of and what she truly believes in. She fights to save what is precious to her and protects what she holds dear. This is a story about choosing to become a hero and not looking back.
Monique Doucette was born and raised in Southern California. She began writing stories at a very young age, completing her first novel at the age of 14. She is now a wife and mother and continues to write as a way to share, explore, and expand the worlds that are created in her imagination. Monique's inspiration is found in her readers. Every person who is touched by her writing encourages her to write more. With a wide variety of material, she enjoys creating vivid experiences for them to get lost in. She is currently in the process of publishing several books, including an entire series of Humanity Scar Journals. She hosts a website for readers of this series to become even more immersed in the world she has created. You can check out this exciting project by visiting Monique Doucette hopes to continue to write and share her visions with anyone who has a moment to sit down, open up the pages of a good book, and read until the world fades away. If only for a moment...


  1. Awesome to read this interview!!

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    1. I'm sorry, I didn't know where to post this. Re: comment above. This is a wonderful way to get to know you! Thanks! I hope I win!
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  3. Great interview :)

  4. I love this book and I'm so excited for the next Journal to come out!

  5. I love this whole series! I bought the first book for Kindle, but I would love a paperback version as well :-D

  6. This was my first buy on my Kindle when I got it and it is an amazing story!

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