Saturday, January 7, 2012

Movie Trailer(s): Pride & Prejudice

I love Pride and Prejudice (thank you to my brother for buying me the movie for my birthday in 2006... if he hadn't, I wouldn't have fallen in love with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth and their whole story). It ranks up in probably the top 3 of my all time favorite books/movies.

The 2005 version is the only one I've seen, but I love the landscape and the soundtrack. It's gorgeous. I know I've said that at least once before on this blog.

The 1995 version I may have to watch soon (this is a fanmade trailer).

The 1980 BBC mini-series (which I believe was available on Netflix at one point, ps. it's another fanmade trailer)

And just because I got sucked in to watching when I looked up the trailers... Mr. Darcy's failed proposals:

And now, my favorite scene out of the ENTIRE movie... (actual clip starts about 20 seconds in so feel free to fast forward!)

Beautiful. And have I mentioned the music is amazing?

And because I love this movie (and I actually got my mom to watch it with me!)... Lost in Austen:

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