Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review - The 58th Keeper by RG Bullet

Yay! I finished reading The 58th Keeper by R.G. Bullet. It took a while, but not because it wasn't a good book. I loved every bit of it. I'd just been on brain overload, like I said on another post. It was such a fun book to read and I don't think I've ever read another story like it.

Archy Bass is stuck at Rushburys, a boarding school that feels more like a prison. He meets Vincent, a stocky, sandy-haired boy that becomes his partner in crime. Archy gets an invite to go on holiday to Turkey with Vincent, Vincent's father, his brother Richard, and his brother George. George, however, ends up being a sister named Georgiana.

It turns out they're going to be studying an archaeological dig. Their "holiday" turns out to be one day at the beach before they settle down and get to work. Only, that day on the beach changes Archy's life forever.

He doesn't really know what he's getting in to when he gives all of his possessions to Alturus Burk in exchange for a rug. But not just any rug. A rug that makes him DISAPPEAR. But something is wrong. Alturus seems to be running from someone. And Archy and Vincent find out who pretty quickly when they track Archy to the airport and almost get a hold of him while he's waiting for his plane out of Turkey.

The rug literally takes Archy and his friends on a wild ride over Europe (along with turning the user invisible, it can fly!) and even back in time as he fights to retain his title as Keeper and make Restitution for his old pal Alturus, all the while trying to avoid the Kurul who will stop at nothing to get the "rug" from him. Even if it means killing him.

The book was exciting and I was sad to make it to the last page knowing there was nothing to read after that. I said before in another post, Archy is the perfect person to follow on this journey. He's not spoiled or mean. He's humble and gracious and a perfect main character. Vincent is a great sidekick and an extremely loyal friend. Conversations in the story were funny(I especially liked the one that happened in an online chatroom) and flowed really well. And I loved how the names of the Sentinels seemed to go along with their personalities.

The 58th Keeper was jam packed with action and suspense humor and I can only hope that this turns in to the first of many stories about Archy and his "rug".

Definitely recommend this as a read to EVERYONE!


  1. This book sounds very interesting. I will have to look it up. Thank you for the great review!


    1. No problem! I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to read it!


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