Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review - The Weaver by Emmi Itäranta


Inside the Book:

Title: The Weaver
Author: Emmi Itaranta
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Genre: Dystopian
Format: Ebook

The author of the critically acclaimed Memory of Water returns with this literary ecological tale in the vein of Ursula K. Le Guin and Sheri S. Tepper, in which an innocent young woman becomes entangled in a web of ancient secrets and deadly lies that lie at the dark center of her prosperous island world.

Eliana is a model citizen of the island, a weaver in the prestigious House of Webs. She also harbors a dangerous secret—she can dream, an ability forbidden by the island’s elusive council of elders. No one talks about the dreamers, the undesirables ostracized from society.

But the web of protection Eliana has woven around herself begins to unravel when a young girl is found lying unconscious in a pool of blood on the stones outside the house. Robbed of speech by her attackers, the only clue to her identity is one word tattooed in invisible ink across her palm: Eliana. Why does this mysterious girl bear her name? What links her to the weaver—and could she hold Eliana’s fate in her hand?

As Eliana finds herself growing closer to this injured girl she is bound to in ways she doesn’t understand, the enchanting lies of the island begin to crumble, revealing a deep and ancient corruption. Joining a band of brave rebels determined to expose the island’s dark secrets, Eliana becomes a target of ruthless forces determined to destroy her. To save herself and those she loves, she must call on the power within her she thought was her greatest weakness: her dreams.


My Review:

The Weaver by Emmi Itäranta is a fantastic book. I've not read much fantasy lately and this was just the book I needed to jump back in to the fantasy world with both feet. It was mysterious and magical and wonderful, even if sometimes in a bad way.

Eliana, at face value, is a dutiful weaver. She does what she's told when she's told and never seems to veer from the course that the rest of her House is on. Until a girl appears and flips her world completely upside down. Then she realizes that there is so much more than what she's told to say and do and not say and not do.... and not all of it is as it should be. The secrets she keeps aren't as secret as she thinks anymore either.

There are so many characters in this story that are just amazing. Eliana, Valeria, Janos, Alva... all magnificent and strong and willing to put their lives on the line to save those who need to be saved. There are also so many frustrating things going on... people happy to be kept ignorant... to believe everything they're told because it's easier than thinking for themselves. Even if it means people they know and love are going to be ripped from them and taken somewhere horrific and terrible for the rest of their lives. Sometimes ignorance is bliss... but not for everyone.

The Houses of Crafts were intriguing. All the different districts and positions... A place for everyone and everyone it their place kind of thing. Everything was described in so much detail at all times that sometimes I lost the actual purpose of what I was reading, but still... the imagery was beautiful and haunting and downright terrifying in spots.

I couldn't put this book down. I just couldn't. Read it in less than a day. If you're looking for a suspenseful and fantastical read with absolutely beautiful imagery, I highly recommend you pick up The Weaver.

Meet the Author:

Emmi Itäranta (b. 1976) was born in Tampere, Finland, where she also grew up. She holds one MA in Drama and Theatre Studies from the University of Tampere, and another from the University of Kent, UK, where she began writing her debut novel Memory of Water as a part of her Creative Writing masters degree. She later completed the full manuscript in both Finnish and English. The novel won the Fantasy and Sci-fi Literary Contest organised by the Finnish publishing house Teos. It was published to enthusiastic reviews in Finland in 2012 under the title Teemestarin kirja. In 2015 the English language version, Memory of Water, was nominated for the Philip K. Dick award in the US and the Arthur C. Clarke award in the UK. Translation rights to the award-winning novel have been sold in 21 territories to date. Itäranta’s second novel Kudottujen kujien kaupunki was published in 2015, and it won her the Tampere City Literary Award. In the UK the novel is known as The City of Woven Streets, and in the US as The Weaver. Itäranta’s professional background is an eclectic blend of writing-related activities, including stints as a columnist, theatre critic, dramaturge, scriptwriter and press officer. She lives in Canterbury, UK.

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