Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paper or Plastic

I don't know why, but I don't believe I will ever invest in a Kindle. Or a Nook. Or any other E-Reader that they can come up with. Not that they aren't fantastic. They're compact, easy to carry around and travel with. You get books a whole lot quicker than having to wait for the time to go to the store. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with them at all. So please don't misunderstand.

They just aren't for me.

I'm a tactile person. I NEED to have the book in my hands. I want to be able to see it. To turn the pages. To be able to put it with so many other books that I have or that I'll be getting in the future.

One of my goals in life (don't laugh, I'm serious) is to have wall to wall bookshelves. Ideally I'd love my own library. But.... baby steps. One wall full of books would satisfy me for a while. As most of my books have been lost in the 3 moves that I've made in the last few years, it would take me a while to fill them up. But reading is such a passion you'd see me with a smile on my face the whole time (unless of course I was reading a book that made me cry....).

I've read a few books online on my computer. And it's fun. And easy. But I can't carry my laptop with me everywhere I go. So, seeing as how some of them aren't published works yet, I await them extremely impatiently, to come to a bookstore near me. :-)

What do you prefer? Hard copy? Or are you an E-Reader?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old Dog New Tricks

So I have decided to go a new route with this blog. Not so much reviewing, as I was not a good reviewer. It is harder for me to put in to words WHY I like something as opposed to just saying "I loved it."

Indeed, this blog will just be about books and my ardent love for them.

And I do love them.

Books are my home away from home. My escape. My "Happy Place" if you will.

Don't give me presents for my birthday or Christmas. Unless giftcards to Borders/Barnes N Noble count as gifts. I suppose they do. In that case... give me giftcards. I could easily spend $100 on books alone within a half hour time frame.

There are so many books that I can't wait to read that I would do them an injustice by trying to name them all here. I can tell you that I've finished reading Lament by Maggie Stiefvater (UK Edition signed by Maggie when I went to see her at Borders!), Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, Tempest's Legacy by Nicole Peeler and.... (see, this is why I didn't want to start naming books) I'm sure there are more that I've forgotten. I'm currently reading Torment by Lauren Kate and re-reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

OH. If you go to Blood Knight Series you'll find the first story in what I believe is going to be a trilogy posted online called Knight of the Rose. Very interesting. Kind of Twilight in reverse. Read it and you'll see what I mean. Anyways, it's author, Angie Hudson, has started posting book number 2 online already and I'm really excited to see where the story takes her!

I suppose that's it for post numero uno of the new sort. Hopefully this blog will be enjoyed a bit more than what it previously was. Night!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Dreams Begin - Skyler White

So a while back I was sent a book called In Dreams Begin by Skyler White for review. I had read her first novel and falling, fly and was very excited to read her second.

Skyler writes books that make you think. Not that do the thinking for you. And I totally dig that. Makes you wonder if the things she's writing about are actually possible in the real world. So I was totally excited to receive her second book in the mail.

In Dreams Begin is a book unlike any other I've ever read. Modern girl, just married, being transported over a century BACKWARDS when she falls asleep. And the kicker is... when she arrives in the past, she takes over the body of an Irish freedom fighter named Maude Gonne, and falls in love with poet W.B. Yeats. And he with her.

Great story. There were a few parts where I had to go back and read a few paragraphs again to figure out what exactly I was reading. Who was who and where were they. It kind of moved around a bit quickly so there were times when it lost me. But her writing is smooth. Melodious. If that makes sense. She doesn't try to be hip and with it. She doesn't use vulgarity and slang in an effort to draw in a particular group of readers. It's as if she's writing solely for the characters int he story. It's poetic. And Elegant.

Description of back of the book from

"“Close your eyes tightly—tightly—and keep them closed . . .”

From a Victorian Ireland of magic, poetry and rebellion, Ida Jameson, an amateur occultist, reaches out for power, but captures Laura Armstrong, a modern-day graphic artist instead. Now, for the man or demon she loves, each woman must span a bridge through Hell and across history . . . or destroy it.

“Every passionate man is linked with another age, historical or imaginary, where alone he finds images that rouse his energy.” W. B. Yeats

Anchored in fact on both sides of history, Laura and Ida, modern rationalist and fin de siècle occultist, are linked from the moment Ida channels Laura into the body of celebrated beauty and Irish freedom-fighter Maud Gonne. When Laura falls—from an ocean and a hundred years away—passionately, Victorianly in love with the young poet W. B. Yeats, their love affair entwines with Irish history and weaves through Yeats’s poetry until Ida discovers something she wants more than magic in the subterranean spaces in between.

With her Irish past threatening her orderly present and the man she loves in it, Laura and Yeats—the practical materialist and the poet magus—must find a way to make love last over time, in changing bodies, through modern damnation, and into the mythic past to link their pilgrim souls . . . or lose them forever."

I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for a refreshing new read.


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