Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paper or Plastic

I don't know why, but I don't believe I will ever invest in a Kindle. Or a Nook. Or any other E-Reader that they can come up with. Not that they aren't fantastic. They're compact, easy to carry around and travel with. You get books a whole lot quicker than having to wait for the time to go to the store. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with them at all. So please don't misunderstand.

They just aren't for me.

I'm a tactile person. I NEED to have the book in my hands. I want to be able to see it. To turn the pages. To be able to put it with so many other books that I have or that I'll be getting in the future.

One of my goals in life (don't laugh, I'm serious) is to have wall to wall bookshelves. Ideally I'd love my own library. But.... baby steps. One wall full of books would satisfy me for a while. As most of my books have been lost in the 3 moves that I've made in the last few years, it would take me a while to fill them up. But reading is such a passion you'd see me with a smile on my face the whole time (unless of course I was reading a book that made me cry....).

I've read a few books online on my computer. And it's fun. And easy. But I can't carry my laptop with me everywhere I go. So, seeing as how some of them aren't published works yet, I await them extremely impatiently, to come to a bookstore near me. :-)

What do you prefer? Hard copy? Or are you an E-Reader?

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