Monday, January 2, 2012

Covers Around the World - New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

You may be wondering why I'm doing New Moon by Stephenie Meyer this week.

I will tell you. I decided to do the series because I went and saw Breaking Dawn 1-2 weeks ago and it was AMAZING. I loved it. My favorite one out of the 4 (so far). Totally digging it. And great cut off there at the end. :-X

And because it was probably my favorite book in the whole series. I love Jacob Black. That is all.


Here are your covers. :-)

English language edition (and the cover on the copy I have)

Indonesian Edition (I know it's tiny, sorry)

English language edition (and, obviously, based on the movie.. ::sigh:: Jacob....)

German Edition

Korean Edition (I think that's supposed to be Bella... right?)

Russian Edition (Wow Bella... you look so much... older)

Czech Edition

Thai Edition (and I do think the Thai cover has snagged the 'favorite' spot again, even with the Spiderman-esque kissing scene here)

So that last one is gorgeous. In my opinion anyway. What do you guys think?

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