Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Am Reading, I Promise

I am still reading, I really am. But I was trying to read so many books at once that I had to put them all down and take a step away from them for a bit. My brain was on overload.

Lemme show you what I'm currently reading though:

The 58th Keeper is the story of a boy called Archy Bass, who stumbles upon a mysterious and powerful relic. The moment he touches it, two warring forces race to find his whereabouts. One side thinks he’s simply too young and too inexperienced to keep it, and the other just want him dead. Hold on to your seats! The 58th Keeper is a roaring trip that takes the reader on the most wonderful and hair-raising scenes imaginable. R. G. Bullet pulls out all stops in his debut novel to deliver an incredible journey with unforgettable characters. This book will resonate with you for ages past the last line. "Tension and suspense. Magic and mayhem. Mystical and wonderfully creative. Impressive and inventive. This is a series kids will be adding to their list of must reads! " -Internationally bestselling author, M.J. Rose

This book, The 58th Keeper, is by R.G. Bullet. The same author who wrote The Caldecott Chronicles No. 1. The zombie apocalypse novel set in Victorian England.

The two books are so completely different from each other it's hard to believe they're by the same person. It's taking me a while to get through this one, not because it's not a good book. It is. It's great. Suspenseful and thrilling. Archy is a good character to be following through this story and his friend Vincent is the perfect "sidekick" if you will.

I'm going to finish this. Soon. I just have to empty my head of all the words from the books I read in the last month to make room for new ones. I highly suggest you all check it out. Check BOTH of them out for that matter. He's a great writer. And the stories are wonderful.

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  1. Ooh this sounds like it might be right up my street. I'll check it out, thanks.


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