Thursday, December 15, 2011

Follow Friday #27

Follow Friday is hosted every week by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.

This weeks question:

Q: When you’ve read a book, what do you do with it? (Keep it, give it away, donate it, sell it, swap it..?)

A. Heck NO I don't give them away. Or donate them. Or swap them. NOOO way. I keep every book I buy (unless of course I move and the boxes full of my books get lost ::cries::). And they go right up on my bookshelves. Yessiree. Sometimes I let people borrow my books, but I always try to make sure I get them back. I can't part with them.

I definitely agree with Parajunkee, if there was a show about book hoarders I would totally be on it.

What about you guys?


  1. LOL! Spoken like a true book addict! ;D

    Follower! Come see my Friday too! :D And have an awesome weekend!

  2. I love to think I am generous with my older books but I can't lie. I truly do not want to get rid of ANY of my books. I am a terrible book hoarder. Offices or places that have free book bins I stock up (within reason) & IDK when I read one of them last but I am comforted knowing they exist :)
    B00ks&Bey0nd Follow Friday

  3. Lol, book hoarder seem to be a common answer! =)

    - New follower

  4. Go Book Hoarders!

    Old follower, visit me at my FF

  5. I definately am a horder I just don't like to part with my pretty books, here's mine

  6. Losing books?! Oh no! That's the worst fate for books ever!

    Here is my Follow Friday post

    Old follower =)

  7. New follower! I don't think I've ever lost a book. That's bad. Happy Friday! My FF

  8. If I had enough space, I'd be a hoarder, too. LOL :) I'm following.


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