Friday, December 2, 2011

Review - Sing the Four Quarters by Tanya Huff

I picked up Sing the Four Quarters by Tanya Huff for just a couple of dollars from a used bookstore in town. Turned out to be a great find. I admit, there were some parts that were slower than others and I did what I tend to do when I come across those... I just kind of skimmed through those. Overall though, wonderful book. Great story.

Annice is a princess. Or is she a bard? Actually, she's both. On her father's deathbed she announces to him that she wants his permission to go to the Bardic Hall to hone her talents singing to the Kigh. The Kigh happen to be the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The request was enough to cause the new king, her own brother, to disown her. He ordered that, not only could she NOT be a bard, but she also was NOT allowed to marry or have a child without his permission. Oh, and she was kicked out of the family. To do so would make her guilty of treason. Punishment? Death.

How's that for insult to injury?

Imagine her shock and surprise when she finds out she is, in fact, pregnant. The father? Pjerin. The Duc of Ohrid. Who is, himself, about to be put to death. Convenient right? Annice knows he's not guilty so she makes up her mind to break him free from jail and go with him to his home to find out who is supposed to be in prison in his place.

The story isn't fast paced all the time, but it was different enough for me to thoroughly enjoy reading it. Annice was absolutely one of the strongest female heroines that I've read about and it was great to follow her on her quest to clear Pjerin's name. And it was an exciting read (for the most part) in that, she had to do this all before the king's guards found her and she was sentenced to her own end.

Think the king will pardon her?

Sing the Four Quarters is the first book in the Quarters series. The others in the series being Fifth Quarter, No Quarter, and The Quartered Sea. I've only ever found book number four and I'm kicking myself for not buying it when I saw it, but I hate to get things out of order so I left it on the shelf. Because I knew I wouldn't read it until I'd read books two and three.

This is a great fantasy novel. It was fun to read and even though it was a tad ho-hum in spots, most of it was really exciting and nailbiting. If you want an anti - Bella character (seriously, I do love Twilight though) I'd suggest picking up this book and giving it a shot!

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