Friday, April 15, 2011

Follow Friday #6

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee over at Parajunkee's View every week.

Q. Do you have anyone that you can discuss books with IRL? Tell us about him/her.

I don't have anyone to talk about books with that's not online. I can tell my mom what I don't like about certain books, but I don't really have anyone to have any discussions with about any books. I'm the odd ball it seems out of everyone I know... which, here is just my family. Books are my friends. :-) I'm a weirdo. What can I say.

How about you?


  1. Hi new follower, thanks for stopping by my blog nothing wrong with books being your friends, there are mine especially when I was younger and my dad was in the army everytime my dad had to transfer I had to start over and make new friends so books became close to my heart and my best friends for the longest time.

  2. Oh you're just like me! *sighs* Sucks, don't it?

  3. Hiya new follower here from Follow me Friday. I talk books to all of my friends at Goodreads, its where I get all my suggestions of what to read next and what to avoid! My friends dont read the same type of books so I just stick to discussing books with my online friends.


  4. 'ello! I just started following your blog and that's a bummer you don't have anyone you can discuss books with IRL, but I don't either and it's pretty fun to at least blog about my reads and share info with my online friends! Hopefully we can find lots to talk about together in the future. :) Please stop by my blog to follow me back.

    -Sandra from

  5. Hello! :)

    I have a few people that I talk about books with in real life but the blogging community is great because there is just so much variety, I have found so many new books to read!

    I'm a new follower!

    Happy reading
    Jules x

  6. I agree that the wonderfull world of book blogging is a great outlet. On my end, I have the other bibliomaniac to talk books with.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. following back... love the fonts and colors on your site.

    i've found that i like "talking" to the bloggers more than my real life contacts.

  8. Books are my very best friends. I talk to them the most and spend the most time with them. In fact I think we might be able to start a weirdo club. Think anybody would want to join? Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Hmmmm, I enjoy being the oddball... we're unique in our book obsessions!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'm just returning the favor. If you have a chance, please make sure to stop back over as I have two giveaways running, with very little entries, so the chances of winning are really good. Thanks! A Book Obsession..

  11. Happy Friday!!! I am a new follower hopping through…Love your blog and look forward to following.

    Spell Checked by C.G. Powell

  12. Ah! I completely agree. :) Most of the book talk that I do is online--and it's nice, since one can use GoodReads to compare what you've read/common genre interests.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :D I'm a new follower of yours. :)


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