Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (possible spoilers)

The 3rd book in the series was considerably LESS disturbing (for the most part) than the first 2. The whole series so far has been disturbing. I really wonder why the whole... for lack of a better term... incestuous theme was introduced. I really struggled with starting this book for that sole reason. Sorry... brotherly/sisterly love THAT way is just NOT my thing. I almost just wanted to throw all 3 books in the trash.

BUT, like I said, this book wasn't as gross and hard to stomach. I think I actually enjoyed most of it, honestly. Except for the part where Clary is whining about being on Wayfarer. I mean really... unless a horse is just completely off it's rocker, it's not going to simply turn around and take a chunk out of you. That part got on my nerves. Big time.

Moving on.

Not-Sebastian was ... strange. I don't remember any hair dye coming off in Clary's fingers which apprently is a big thing towards the end of the book. It obviously didn't make that much of an impression on me. Still love Simon. I think he's my favorite character, next to Luke, who really didn't play a huge roll in this book. Or at least not as big a roll as I'd like.

I'm unsure as to whether or not I want to star the Infernal Devices series... and then read City of Fallen Angels. I'm just not sure. I mean, Clary bothers me. She really doesn't think about anyone but herself. She says she does. But I don't know. It's really everyone either bends to Clary's will, or she'll do it anyway. Regardless of who has to clean up after her.

And I now cannot stand the word ICHOR. Can't stand it. You can use a word TOO many times. And that word was it. Can't stand it. I got tired of seeing the word PRETERNATURAL while reading Nicole Peeler's Jane True series (which are still awesome books), and for this series... ICHOR makes me wanna scream every time I see it now. Too sensative? Maybe. But I really can't stand repetition. Seriously.

I guess I would recommend this series to people with strong stomachs. Demons, blood, guts.... those I can deal with. But people who think they're brother and sister (regardless of whether or not they really are) but don't let that stop them from basically wanting to jump each other's bones just turns my stomach.

But kudos to Clare for at least making this one better than the first 2.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the incest storyline. I actually had to look up if it was true or not (I was sure it wouldn't be) before I could read the rest of the books. I actually loved CA more; so I'd definitely recommend you giving that a go.

  2. I've finished all of the books that are out and I have to are with you that the word ichor was used way to much. one thing I do remember is that when she kissed sebastian it was mentioned that clary felt something weird on her hand from his hair. Also if you liked this you will probobly like maxumum ride


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