Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen

I would like to introduce you to my BOOKSHELVES.

 This Harry Potter bookend was originally purchased before Harry Potter was a movie I believe. So, we've had it for a while. My mom was big into HP stuff so we got it for her. :-)

These owls are just cool. And reminded me more of Harry Potter. I'm weird. What can I say.

So I don't have ENOUGH books to fill my shelves. I know. Horrible isn't it? And You see Elvenblood by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey there... I have the 2 other that have been published SOMEWHERE. Still wish they'd publish the final book... even though Andre's not around anymore. Next to that are some things from Angelfire signed by Courtney Allison Moulton! And next to THOSE is the note that came along with Experience written by Meg Kerr!

More HP memorablia. That little dragon right there is Norbert. :-)

And the bottom shelves have my daughter's books. It looked like she had more than that, but I didn't realize how skinny some of her books are. That's all Junie B Jones and Magic School bus etc.

And... courtesy of my brother, lol, Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog.

This... I am sad to say.... does not fit on my bookshelves. :-( This is Hagrid... and another Norbert. Hagrid sat watch over all my books while they were stacked up on the top of my chest of drawers. Now, I don't know where to put him. Makes me sad.

And there you have it folks. A quick look at some of the things on my shelves. There are more shelves than what's pictured, of course. But They're kind of bare, so I'm waiting until I have more on them to show them off. :-) I have other books upstairs, I just have to go through boxes to find them. But I'm wicked excited to finally have somewhere to put them!

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  1. Nice bookshelf! Since I've only began actually buying books this year I don't have much of a book shelf. Love the HP stuff on your shelf, really cute :)


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