Monday, April 11, 2011

Review - City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

Like many who came before me, I liked City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare more than City of Bones.

WITH THAT BEING SAID. Honestly, what person does not have a violently ill reaction to finding out they've been snogging their own sibling? If they are, in fact, 100% brother and sister (I'm still not completely convinced) WHAT PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would say "Oy, sister dear, I don't care if we share parents, I love you in an unnatural way, gimme a kiss." And then proceed to make out in front of people. And how the people WATCHING don't hurl all over the place remains a mystery to me.

I mean, it was one thing when it's thrown at you at the end of the previous book (sorry for the spoiler). But I figured that'd be the end of it. Because really... if it were me... I probably would have heaved after finding out I was related to someone I'd made out with days before. And then I'd never speak to them again.

That's a natural reaction right?

To say... EW. Instead of... "But I still love you, lets run away together where no one knows we're brother and sister."

It's seriously disturbing and it almost made me put the book down because the concept is just disgusting. Like I said, I am not convinced wholly that they ARE in fact brother and sister, BUT THEY ARE. And ew... just... ew.

Like I said, I liked this one better than the first... but it's really hard to get past the fact that INCEST is extremely prominent in this series. It's gross. Not endearing. PLEASE please please let the third book be different. Or else I just won't bother picking up City of Fallen Angels. Or Clockwork Angel. Or any other Cassandra Clare novel at all.


Ok I'm back. Had to let it sit for a while before I could finish.

I liked meeting Alec's and Isabelle's parents (mostly mother, dad wasn't really written about a lot). Even though I detested her upon first meeting her, she redeemed herself. And the twist with Simon? There was no indication (that I saw) that he thought something was wrong until after the whole thing happened at the faerie court. So it was kind of weird. But I liked it. Because I'd felt bad for him in the first book. Being the only "breakable" person in the series.

Clare does seem to have an affinity though for killing people off and then saying "OH HA... just kidding!" Just sayin.

I liked that Luke took on a more paternal role in this book. Whenever I picture him I see Luke from Gilmore Girls. Maybe that's why I like him. Hmmm... anyways. As an aside, I'm really interested to see who plays all of these characters in the movie(s) (which I may or may not see... because if there's one thing worse than READING about incest it's WATCHING IT).

I'm just... I'm not really sure what to say. In the first book Clary acts jealous when someone else shows an interest in Simon. Yet, he's madly in love with her and SHE DOESNT CARE. At least she didn't spend most of this book telling us that she'd forgotten he existed.

Oy. Somewhat against my better judgement, I am going to read the third installment. With me luck.

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  1. hahaha I had the same reaction! BUT...keep reading the series =)


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