Friday, March 4, 2011

Literary Tattoos

So it is quite possible that within the next week or so I will be getting a literary tattoo of my own design. WOoHOo. Something I've been waiting for FOREVER. Ok, maybe not a literary tattoo so much as just a tattoo in general.

I'm always amazed at the tattoos that people get. Especially in reference to their favorite books. I mean, there's just some INCREDIBLE work out there. Now, granted, there are also some really REALLY bad tattoos.

I wanna show you some of my favorites. Just because.

This is someone's tattoo of an owl from the back of the first Harry Potter book. So cute and I love the colors!

Beautiful version of the New Moon cover (which also happens to be my favorite book in the series).

The Auryn from The Neverending Story (this is the best version of this that I could find).

A tattoo of JRR Tolkien's Tengwar script.

Anyone else have some literary tattoos?

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