Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review - Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

Possible Spoilers... if you haven't read the book and don't want to possibly have it ruined, stop now.

I finished Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton this afternoon.

Good book. Interesting premise and fun story. In my opinion it's definitely a page turner.

I didn't expect Ellie to accept her "life" as quickly as she did, but I suppose had she not it would have hampered the pace of the rest of the book. I was surprised to see a familiar something from Fallen/Torment by Lauren Kate. The Grigori are mentioned in Angelfire as well. First reaction was "Nice, another Fallen novel" (I love the series, but can't stand finding books that mirror others). But I looked up the Grigori online and here's what I found:

The Watchers (from Greek egrḗgoroi (ἐγρήγοροι)) or Grigori are a group of fallen angels told of in Biblical apocrypha who mated with human females, giving rise to a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim. The Watchers appear in Biblical apocrypha, in the first and second books of Enoch and Jubilees. The word "Grigori" derives from the Slavonic Second Book of Enoch.

So, crisis averted, no issues with the book there.
Really, the only ISSUE I had with the book was the alcohol. Now, I know that teenagers drink alcohol. I'm not going to pretend that they don't. I just don't like reading about it. It's bad enough to deal with them in real life.
And her dad... wow. But kudos to Courtney for adding that controversial bit in there. I don't often read novels in this particular genre where the dad shows such hatred and contempt for his own child. It happens quite enough in real life unfortunately, but I never expected to see it in this type of book. It's not happy by any means, and I've been through my share of verbal/emotional abuse in my almost 28 years.... but it's not something a lot of authors I read seem to have the nerve to delve into.
Conversation in the book was effortless and easy to read. Ellie has herself a sense of humor. And Will, even though he's a bit uber-focused, sounds pretty dreamy.
If this had been a movie, I'd have been on the edge of my seat.

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  1. nice review! i have this one on netgalley and will deff read it soon.


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