Thursday, March 10, 2011

When I Read

When I read books I get to be someone I'd never be otherwise.

I can be a sword wielding elf princess or a dragon rider. I can be the love interest of a way-too-dangerous-for-me vampire. I can be a shapeshifter, a faerie, medieval royalty. I can travel through worlds and meet creatures that can talk to me. I can be a wizard who plays games on broomsticks or his best friend.

When I read it's not just words on paper. It's feeling what they people in the story feel. It's falling asleep at night with the book still in my hand because I can't stand to put it down. It's being excited during the good parts and feeling worried during the parts that may not turn out so well.

When I read the rest of the world kind of falls away. I'm no longer sitting on the sofa in the basement surrounded by toys and tvs and noise. I'm in the middle of the forrest riding on a horse that just so happens to have wings. I'm sitting around a campfire with my super hot best friend who turns into a wolf from time to time. Or I'm face to face with the amazing Mr. Darcy.

I can't imagine a world without books. I can't imagine not wanting to read almost every minute of every day. I can't imagine being told what I'm allowed to read and what's not allowed. As long as I can see, I'll read books. When I can't see anymore I'll buy more books on tape or get someone to read to me.

What happens when you read?

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