Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review - City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Alright. I finished City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Over all I enjoyed it.

"Luke, I am your father."


I liked the book. It was pretty decent. There were definitely some descriptive parts that I skipped over (and when I say that I mean just way too much description for ONE thing, and I could just NOT read it and it wouldn't detract anything from the story) and some things that I felt needed more description. We all heard about Jace's hair and his scars and what he wore etc, but what about Clary... she's a redhead. That's about all I remember of her description.

I steered away from the Jace/Clary train. Simon was supposedly her best friend for such a long time, her Dawson if you will (as in... Dawson's Creek), and yet, she just completely FORGOT HE EXISTED several times. And Cassandra made a point of pointing that out... several times. I felt bad for him. She had gotten a shiny new toy so who cares about the old classics right?

The whole "City of Bones" angle wasn't really all that memorable. The book could have just as easily been titled something else and it wouldn't have really made a difference.

BUT... that being said. I loved Luke. Even when he was being a complete jerk I knew there had to be a reason behind it. And Madam Dorothea? I kept picturing her as Zelda Rubinstein. You know, from Poltergeist and Teen Witch? I'd bet money that if she were still alive she'd be first pick to play that part in the movie. Too funny. And Magnus. I did like him. He reminded me of someone and I just can't put my finger on it right now. But when I was reading I had a picture of someone who could pass for him in my head. Maybe Meshach Taylor (Hollywood from the movie Mannequin back in 1987). I also loved how Jace was so snarky. He always had a witty comeback and was completely arrogant and uber confident.

There were definitely some interesting twists in the story. That I won't reveal because I know there are people who read here who haven't read the books. It was those twists that kept the story good for me. Even though there wasn't much (I thought) to do in fleshing out the characters, I'm assuming (since there are more books after this one) that I'll learn more later. The end kind of weirded me out though. Not sure I'll be able to get over that one.

I am definitely intrigued enough to continue on with the series. I wouldn't recommend this to someone looking for something incredibly fast paced (like The Hunger Games for instance), but it is a good read. I'd give it maybe a 3.5 out of 5. Ya know?

Next up.... Tower of Change.


  1. I think you must be the only person I've seen who didn't completely love this book, its always refreshing to see someone with a different opinion! I know what you mean about the ending...I had to check it out before I could read the next one haha! If you read the sequels, I hope you enjoy em more


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