Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Bookshelf Tour

Hi! Just wanted to let you guys have a look at my book shelves (I know you were just DYING to see them :-P).
Top shelf has my vintage cameras (first one is from the 60s and the name escapes me at the moment, second is from around 1910 and is a Kodak Jr). Then on the right of the shelf are my Harry Potter mugs from back before the first movie ever came out.

Next comes shelf number two. It has my Harry Potter books (number one is currently being read, which is why it's not there), the books I have from the Inheritance Cycle and a cute little owl statue. The hardcover books are first and then come the paperback. I know it's out of order that way but I can't help it. I'm weird like that.

Shelf three has some books on tape, some Christmas gifts, books I've bought, and books I've won...  

Shelf number four... Don't you love the Harry Potter bookend?? Got it from Spencer's before the first movie ever came out.

Shelf five... yes, that is Norbert sitting on top of that little treasure chest (my mom brought it back from Haiti).

Shelf six... a dragon "lamp" (I say "lamp" because it's actually a candle holder). I love the little owl statue! There are two signed bookmarks from Courtney Allison Moulton, a note from Meg Kerr (who wrote Experience, the P&P sequel I LOVE), an Eternal Ones book mark, and Brisingr on CD.

Shelf seven... some more books on tape (got one from the library for next to nothing!) and some great books I've read (and a couple I haven't). Then there are some books I've had for small groups at church, the girls bedtime Bible stories, and an LSAT practice test book (I wanted to take the test at one point).

Shelf eight... another couple books I haven't read on there, other than that, more that I love and probably will read again.

Shelf nine... this one belongs to my girls. All their Junie B. Jones, Dork Diaries, Magic School Bus... all kinds of stuff. Even some books I had when I was around my oldest's age.

Shelf ten... more of my kids books (yes... that one is called Walter the Farting Dog).

I have one shelf full of notebooks and stuff and a couple other kids books.... but I feel like I've miscounted. Like I'm missing a shelf. Hmm... Oh well.

Oh, and I'll leave you with another Christmas present I got!

Hope you enjoyed the tour through my bookshelves! This is about as good as I can do because I don't have a video camera and I'd have no CLUE how to edit videos (I'm a photographer, pictures I can do... videos I cannot).

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  1. Very cool!! Thanks for sharing, and I LOVE those mugs!


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