Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review - Afterlight by Elle Jasper

First off, I have to say that I love this cover. Riley Poe is a badass chick with tattoos. What more could you want?

I loved Afterlight by Elle Jasper. It's the first book in the Dark Ink Chronicles and it was fabulous. Riley was definitely not one of those helpless females that needs to have everyone look after her. She wasn't falling all over herself to try and figure out which one of her many suitors she liked more. She was just... Riley. And that was enough for her. She was protective and strong and fierce.

Her brother and his friends do something stupid and it results in him being kidnapped by a "cult led by centuries-old vampires" and Riley has to find a way to save him. She comes across Eli Dupre who has smoldering good looks and the hots for our chick. The story has romance without being pathetic or raunchy. And lots of action.

What Riley doesn't know is that a lot of the people around her have known about the things going on in Savannah much longer than she has. And they've been watching out for her. They're there to help keep her safe as she fights to keep her brother from "certain undeath".

I loved the book. It was nice to read about a girl like Riley for a change. Who could still have a "romance" but didn't need to become a squishy damsel in distress in order to do it. It was a new twist on an old story so to speak. I've been trying to find the second book in the series in a store here, but to no avail. I would definitely recommend this read to everyone.
"I kept my eyes locked on his as I lifted my whiskey, downed it in one gulp, pulled two bucks from my pocket, and dropped it on the table. "Duties relieved," I snarled, and headed for the door. I was the last person who needed a freaking babysitter; I'd gone through too much in my young life and handled a lot of problems most never encounter in their entire existance. Screw that."

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