Sunday, November 27, 2011

In My Mailbox #21

A big thank you to Kristi, The Story Siren for hosting IMM every week.

I've been lucky two weeks in a row to have something to post on Sunday! This past week my library was having a book sale (well, really books/cds/dvds/videos and BOOKS ON TAPE!).

So I'm looking around to see what they've got and what to my wandering eyes did appear?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. On Tape! And you want to know how much I paid for it? All 14 cassettes of it?

Drumroll please............... 50 cents.

How sweet is that? I've got three out of the seven books on audio cassette now. Only four more to go to complete my collection! And I'm really excited. I mean seriously... who just decides to give that up for 50 cents? Not that I'm complaining or anything. But still.

I totally love Jim Dale as a narrator. I know I've said that before. He made me like listening to books on tape/cd. And there's just something.... magical about his voice. Does that make me weird? Probably. But if you haven't LISTENED to Harry Potter on tape or CD I highly suggest you do so. It's wonderful.

What did you get this week?


  1. Great Mailbox this week!

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  2. I've heard these audiobooks were really great! Awesome deal too!

    Xpresso Reads

  3. No. Way.
    Well that is a VERY (early) Merry Christmas indeed, huh?
    I had to do a double take about Jim Dale. Our HP audiobooks (AU, and in the UK) are narrated by Stephen Fry (who I ADORE). It never occurred to me they'd have another narrator in different territories, despite it being kind of obvious :D

  4. only 50 cents? That's great! I've never listened to any Harry Potter audiobooks, but I think I'll have to soon!
    My IMM
    A Beautiful Madness

  5. I love Harry Potter!

    Check out my IMM! I just started my blog so it is my very first one!

  6. Great IMM! I really need to continue reading Harry Potter series. Haven't read all of them!

    A new follower! :D

    Please check out my IMM too!


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