Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review - Torment by Lauren Kate

I've finished Torment by Lauren Kate.

I must say that, while I loved Fallen, I liked Torment more.
For me, Fallen was kind of slow slow slow HOLY CRAP SPEED UP IT'S OVER. And not slow in a bad way, just not a whole lot of action. And then all of the sudden it was nothing BUT action and it left me kind of thinking "Umm..... what just happened?"

Torment was riddled with action. Not a LOT. But enough to keep me on my toes. So it wasn't so much of a shocker when the end rolled around and brought the fire with it. It was a great book. I was definitely rooting for Miles in this one though, vs. Daniel. Does that make me weird? Oh, you don't know who Miles is? Pssh. Guess you'll have to read the book to find out. ;-) Wontcha.

Totally can't wait for Passion to make its debut and wrap up the series. Exciting!

Before I wrap this up, I wanna throw a shout out to the artist/designer behind the amazing covers for the series. You can check out her Deviant Art Gallery and see all the rest of her stuff. Amazing.

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