Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eat Crow

Ok... so I'm almost done with The Cowboy by Joan Johnston and I have to tell you... my reactions now are complete opposite from what they were when I read the back cover. Turns out, I'm totally rooting for Trace and it's CALLIE that ticks me off.

Little bit of a spoiler:

Callie tells Trace that they can never be together after finding out that Trace's brother accidentally injured Callie's brother and now he'll never walk again. Then, when Trace comes back to Texas 11 years later and wants another chance with Callie, she's MAD AT HIM FOR LEAVING. Um, HelLO??? You told him to leave lady. If you told him that you can NEVER be together, why in the world would he stick around.


Ok, I have to go try and finish that book tonight so I can start in on my library finds.

Happy reading!

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