Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Take Me Home

Well, I've been gone for a week. Computerless even (Oh the HORROR). But I'm back. :-)

I did finish The Cowboy. And yeah... great book. My opinion of the back cover (remember I thought Trace was controlling and manipulative and a real jerk? Yeah... COMPLETELY wrong). I highly recommend anyone who's reading this to go get a copy. Or borrow it from the library.


In the last week I have started and finished Fire Bringer by David Clement-Davies. It was a book I picked up from the library last week and I must admit... I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn't sure I would, as it's about talking deer. BUT. It is kind of like Harry Potter... but with deer. Very cool. I don't have like, a formal review or anything for it. And right now I'm unfortunately too tired to type one up. But there wasn't a minute while I was reading it that I thought "WOW this is boring". I really couldn't put it down. It was great. Another one you should go check out from your library/friend/local bookstore.

I also finished Afterlight by Elle Jasper. It took it a while to totally grip me and suck me into the story (and by a while I mean 20 pages) but after that it was another one that I just couldn't put down. I mean, come on. A chick that's a wicked awesome tattoo artist and vampires. This was not a "Twilight-esque" book (and don't get me wrong, I love Twilight). Riley Poe isn't the sort of girl who just falls all over herself over the love of her life or who NEEDS someone to protect her from all the dangers of the world. I mean, the damsel in distress type of story is only appealing for so long. Riley can definitely hold her own in a crazy situation. Great book from the Dark Ink Chronicles. Can't wait for Everdark to come out in June!

And last but not least, while I was away I received a nifty little prize from brand new author Courtney Allison Moulton. Angelfire is her debut novel (just hit shelves YESTERDAY) and I'm really excited to read it. You all should go check out her blog for lots of fun stuff about her book!

She's wicked sweet and nice to chat with (and she loves horses!). I actually won another contest of hers a while back where I received a copy of Percy Jackson from her.

So... that's been my exciting week. I'm off to figure out which library book to dive in to next, and tomorrow will be a long awaited trip to the bookstore where I'm hoping to find copies of Angelfire, Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater, and whatever else I can get my mitts on.


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