Friday, February 4, 2011

I Had To Do It

My need to read overcame my need to replenish my store of books.

I had to go to the library to fax something to work, and the girls wanted their own library cards, so we did that. And of course, having your own library card means you HAVE to check out books with it... obviously. So the girls got books. Why, I couldn't be left out so I went and snagged some of my own.

Now, they're not books that I had on my reading list, although they all look interesting, there were other books I wanted to read first. BUT... as I couldn't find any books ON my reading list, I took what I could get. And I'm satisfied with the results. I've got plenty to read.

I will finish The Cowboy by Joan Johnston, I started it, and I can't just put it down (first few pages show me that Trace is the COMPLETE opposite of what I thought). I may have to read more than 1 book at a time to get them all taken care of. No sweat. Do it all the time. Oy. Five books in 2 weeks.

Without furtherr ado -

I got Ironside because I'd read Tithe and enjoyed it. I got Fire Bringer because I'd read the summary on Amazon so many times, but could never bring myself to buy it. The other two I've seen and they look interesting so here's to hoping they all live up to my expectations!

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