Saturday, February 2, 2013

Movie Review - Warm Bodies

I was very excited for this particular movie. And I tried forever to get the book to no avail. However, the day I had no MONEY to spare to buy it (because I had to get movie tickets), it was all over the place. Oy. I'm going to say it was good that I hadn't read the book before seeing the movie though. I tend to pick movies to teeny tiny bits if they even stray just a LITTLE bit from the story line.
Let me start by saying that this movie had the potential to be absolutely amazing. Unforunately, for me, it fell short of what I was expecting. It was kind of corny and just.... I don't even know how to explain it. I loved Nicholas Hoult as R. He played his character very well. But all I kept thinking when I saw Teresa Palmer was that she was a blonde Kristen Stewart. Don't get me wrong, she acted her part pretty well, but the similarities between the two actresses just got to me. And it was interesting seeing a runner - up from America's Next Top Model playing her best friend.
The movie did have some great parts. For those of you who haven't seen it yet or haven't read the books, I won't elaborate too much so as not to give anything away. But my favorite part was right near the end. It was one of those moments where you're just like, "Oh my gosh, he loves her. I wish someone loved me that much." Ok, so maybe that's just me... but it's moments like those that tug on my heart strings.
So, I was very sad that I was disappointed by the movie. Very sad. The end redeemed it enough for me not to just throw away the notion of ever reading the book. So that's a good thing I suppose. I also liked that it wasn't the typical zombie movie/story. No "Walking Dead" type zombies, ya know?
If you've read the book, go see the movie. If you haven't read the book..... I don't know. It's not a movie I'd go see again, but then again I may just be too picky.


  1. I wanted to see this movie just because it looked cute and original. Thinking twice now. Might just go ahead and read it!

  2. I hate to discourage anyone from seeing the movie. If you want to I say you should still give it a shot. It is original, and there are parts of it that are cute. It just didn't sit well with me. Like I said, it had the potential to be a fantastic movie, I just didn't think it got there. :-(


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