Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cleanin' Out My Clos... er... Garage

I have always been and will always be a book nerd.

So when I moved away to Maine I was devestated to find out my mom cleaned out the garage and tossed ALL of my Saddle Club and Babysitter Club books. I wouldn't be able to give them to my little girls anymore.

My fiance and I have been cleaning out the garage at my mother's the last few days. There were a few good finds here and there. Well, my mother had to have parts of the garage ceiling replaced so the contents of the attic had to be removed.

To my complete and utter joy, when I walked in the garage yesterday afternoon what did I see? A box full of books that I'd read when I was younger. Granted, the books that got thrown away are gone for good.... but this box had the Hardy Boys, Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, and things like Anne of Avonlea and Johnny Tremain! I was so excited I dug through the box right away.

How awesome is that? Those were just the ones we could carry in on the first trip. I'll go back out for more, believe me. I am particularly excited right now about Johnny Tremain. My oldest is doing Revolutionary War in school and I also just found the movie made from the book!
Have you all ever found some treasures you were never expecting to see again?

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