Thursday, February 14, 2013

Harry Potter Gets a New Cover

Much like Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter is getting a new look. However, this one will not be as disappointing. At least in my opinion. It's funny the things you stumble upon when looking at completely random posts on Buzzfeed.

I love the new cover because it keeps with the same feel as the previous ones illustrated by Mary GrandPre. The new covers will be designed by artist Kazu Kibuishi in honor of the series' 15th year (wow, it's been that long already?).

That's Mary GrandPre's original and wonderful cover version on the left. And Kazu Kibuishi's new version on the right. I love the new cover. I really do. I love the old covers, but you really get a new look in to the stories with Kazu's. It's absolutely stunning. I think these new covers will definitely do the story justice.

What do you think?
Oh... by the way....
Happy Valentine's Day!!



  1. Aw! How lovely. I still like the original - something so magical about it, but I love the blues and fantasy-ish feel of the new one! So cool!

    1. I will always love the original too. But I agree, the new one has something special about it definitely!


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