Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review - Matched by Ally Condie

To be honest with you guys... I never understood what dystopian meant until I read this book. Yeah, I read The Hunger Games trilogy and I've been told that that's dystopian too... but i still didn't get it. Tad slow on the uptake I guess. There's so many genres and sub - genres it's hard to keep track of all of them.

Matched was a birthday gift given to me by my sister. Well, she paid for it, I picked it out. I grabbed it off the shelf not knowing anything about it other than everyone seemed to love it (yes, sometimes I AM a follower... I can't help it).

Without giving away too much, I liked this book. It had a "love triangle" of a different sort. Not the Bella/Edward/Jacob triangle that I can't stand (really though, I did like those books... honest... just hate the geometry). Both male characters were equally likeable it was hard to choose which one to "root for". And Cassia, the main character, seemed helpless to me at first. Always doing what she was told. What was expected of her. I wasn't sure I'd be too fond of her. But she proved herself in the end. She really did. I liked her. She was stronger than she let on in the beginning. And I loved her parents. Absolutely loved them.

I definitely look forward to reading the second installment when it hits shelves in November.


  1. I've been meaning to pick this one up at some point to read!

    I might wait until Crossed is released too - I've just got no patience, I hate waiting for the sequel when I've enjoyed the first book :)

  2. I just finished this book a few minutes ago. I liked it, I did, but I want more of a strong love triangle..someone I know I hate and the other I love LOL ( makes it easy that way) I loved Ky, him teaching her to read, the first time she wrote I love you in the sweet. But Xander was just as lovable in his own way.

  3. I enjoyed this book. It's not a favorite of mine or anything, but it was definitely unique! Looking forward to reading its sequel too.


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