Friday, April 13, 2012

Follow Friday #40

Thanks to Parajunkee and Alison Can Read for hosting FF every week!

This weeks question:

Q: What is one book that you would be nervous to see a movie adaption of because you think the movie could never live up to the book?

A: Probably Graceling or Fire by Kristin Cashore. I would be worried about the type of people picked to play Katsa and Po. Or Fire and Brigan. And would they get the gracelings right? Or the monsters?

How about you?


  1. New follower. ^.^
    I agree w/ you. Have you seen the trailer? I didn't quite like it. :/
    My FF;

  2. I haven't read those books yet, and I will definitely read them before the movie comes out. I think I may be nervous for all books becoming into movies because the books always seem to be better than the movies. Hope you have a great weekend! Happy reading! New follower.

  3. Hi! Just stopping through for the FF! I'm a new GFC and linky follower :)

    You can check out my blog here!

  4. Sadly, I haven't read this series yet =/ But it's on my TBR list! I've heard wonderful things about it.

    New follower via GFC and Twitter!
    Love your blog btw! Very colorful!

    Here's my FF: Lit Girl: Follow Friday

  5. I totally agree with you I just finished graceling and I am getting ready to start fire. Katsa was such an awesome character it would be hard to find an actress to live up to her.
    Your newest follower,


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