Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review - Catch Me a Cowboy by Katie Lane

Shirlene Dalton has it all: a dream marriage to a man who spoils her rotten and the most outrageous mansion Bramble, Texas, has ever seen. But when her husband unexpectedly dies, Shirlene finds herself right back where she started-in a rundown trailer on the wrong side of the tracks. Never the type to let a little bad luck and a whole heap of heartache get her down, Shirlene is ready to prove to the local gossips she can make it on her own... until she ends up living next door to the most tempting cowboy in town.

Billy Wilkes has a score to settle and a plan to wipe Bramble right off the map. But when his sexy, redheaded neighbor figures out what he's up to, his good ol' boy charm won't be enough to save him. With the town on his tail, Billy will have to come clean quick -- or kiss Shirlene goodbye.

I finished Catch Me a Cowboy by Katie Lane the other day. It's the 3rd book in the series and definitely did not disappoint. I wasn't sure how I'd like it without the main characters from the 2 other books being more front and center, but Billy (Bubba) Wilkes and Shirlene Dalton were definitely great leads.

Not only did poor Shirlene lose her husband but due to some bad financial management, she loses her house as well. Now, part of me didn't feel sorry for her. She had all that money that she just spent and spent and spent, knowing there wasn't anymore where all that came from. And yet she didn't stop spending. Part of me wanted to say, "Well, it's your own fault." But I know that sounds heartless. Another part of me feels sorry for her. She was depressed after the love of her life died and tried to fill the void with material things. And it just didn't work.

Bubba has let a family legend sour him on a group of people who've come to love him and trust him. People who didn't know they didn't have a chance as far as he was concerned. Or at least... that's how it started. Bubba didn't plan to have them grow on him. He didn't plan to become friends with them. And he didn't plan to fall in love with the spitfire living next door to him. Or the baggage that she picked up when she went home.

I loved Shirlene. She was definitely down and out, but put her heart and soul in to not letting anyone find out. She was determined to right the situation she was in no matter the cost. You've gotta give her credit for her guts and her persistance. And Bubba. He's full of surprises, some good some not, but his heart is the size of Texas. Even if he refuses to believe it.

This was a great book. A quick read and a fun one. I can't wait for book number four to come out later this year (I think)! I would recommend this to anyone over the age of 18 as it is an adult romance novel. But especially for adults who find themselves wanting to be swept away by love... or an incredibly good looking cowboy.

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