Friday, June 3, 2011

Humanity Scar - Monique Doucette

From Goodreads:
"Meet Kathryn (Kat) Lacey: a survivor, believer, leader, and slayer of zombies. Faced with overwhelming danger, she tells her story as she fights to stay alive. Her adventure takes place during the tumultuous time following the outbreak of a deadly virus that reanimates its victims. However, there is more to tell within the pages of her journal than a simple account of ravenous corpses.
After everything has been stripped raw, what is left at the core of her existence? What remains when the flesh is torn away? Can it really be boiled down to good and evil, life and death?

Perhaps there is more to the story, something hidden beneath the scar tissue of the human race. I invite you to share this journey with Kat, who is just like you and I: she fights, cries, makes mistakes, and celebrates victories.

This is not your average zombie story. This is a first person account of a survivor battling against all odds. Kat is a woman who is discovering what she is made of and what she truly believes in. She fights to save what is precious to her and protects what she holds dear. This is a story about choosing to become a hero and not looking back."

I've had the privilege for the last couple months to be a part of the Humanity Scar website. I've never had this type of experience before as far as books are concerned and I think it's just absolutely amazing. It's so much fun. It's a role playing board where you get to choose your own character and create, basically, you're own story.

Humanity Scar by Monique Doucette is written journal-style after a zombie apocalypse. Aside from the fact that it's about zombies, it's super realistic. Obviously written from the point of view of Kat Lacey who's an incredibly strong character. You can buy the e-book on Amazon for $2.99.

Now, the website is a survivors message board. I highly recommend you checking it out and either taking part as an observer or as a survivor. I've never been very creative as far as writing stories goes. I've written a couple children's stories for my girls. So I thought this was going to be difficult. But it's really really fun. And totally easy to get in to. I just take things that happen in my ever day life and I add zombies to them. The people on the board are great to talk to and the stories that everyone comes up with are often just as amazing as the original book itself.

You get to converse and share tips with Kat Lacey and other people from her camp. You can create your own camp or maybe join someone else on the board if you're located close enough. Or you can stay on your own and go from there. The possibilities are endless.

So everyone please go check out Humanity Scar and see about taking part in the story!

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