Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apologies! And Twitter.

I want to apologize to everyone who's been commenting on my blog posts! Blogger seems to let me comment back at times, but won't at others... I kind of get stuck in a cycle. I try to save my comment, it takes me to the Google log in page. Once I sign in (which is weird, because I'm already signed in) it takes me back to my comment. So I hit save, and back I go to the Google sign in page. It's frustrating. :-(

But I want to let you know I read and appreciate every comment left to me! And I try to comment back! If I don't it's not because I don't want to, it's because I can't. :-( I'm sorry.

In GOOD news though, I do have a twitter account for my blog now. Although I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do with it, I've got one!

Just click the little bookworm up there and you'll go right to it!

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