Friday, May 27, 2011

Steampunk Love

I'm out of town right now and figured I'd change this friday up. Wanted to show you some nifty things I found on the internet. I <3 Steampunk.

(All photos found using Google. I take no credit for any of them).

Here's a nifty lookin cell phone.

If I had a desktop computer like this, I'd never have gotten a laptop.

Of course, then there's this laptop. So I may have had to forego the desktop for this.

I'd totally spring for a Kindle if it looked like this.

Why can't I find cool stuff like this?

Just thought that would be fun to share. :-)


  1. Wow! At least one of those things - the flash drive - looks like it might be a real product. That would actually be a really cool business. If it could be anywhere near affordable, I'd love to get, maybe... a Steampunk Custom IMac for my home office.

    Very cool post. Thanks!

  2. @Stephen they are quite expensive, but have a look at this site

  3. Very cool! Love the cell phone, not sure how well it would function or how comfortable it would be for phone calls, but still very cool!


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