Saturday, March 2, 2013

Homeschool Reading Corner - Discover the World of North American Indians (Adventures in Art) by Silver Dolphin

The history of Eskimos and plains and woodland Indians are introduced in this interactive pop-up book. Their customs and way of life are explored, and the package includes the materials to create and decorate an Indian pot and totem pole.
I picked up this book on a trip to Good Will. Not sure why someone got rid of it but I'm glad they did. I love the pop ups. My oldest LOVES learning about Native American culture and history and so even though she's not being home schooled she was very excited when I showed her Discover the World of North American Indians.

Now, I love pop up books as a whole. The beautiful ornate ones like the Chronicles of Narnia pop up book. Absolutely gorgeous. Discover the World of North American Indians is not as elaborate and as ornate as the other, but it's still fantastic.

You get a look into igloo shelters made by the Eskimos, totem poles made by the Tlingit, the tipis of the Plains Indians, the Navajos' hogans (I love the Navajo culture, last year Alanna and I even started to learn how to speak some Navajo), and finally the land of the Seminoles. All of it is wonderful and it's fun to look at it in 3D. The book also includes clay and instructions for making a pot, supplies to make a paper Kachina doll (Kachina were masked spirits of the Hopi tribe), a totem pole, and stamps. It's really phenomenal and I love how it gets the girls actually involved in the learning.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone studying Native Americans or just looking for something interesting to learn/teach their kids.

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