Thursday, January 10, 2013

Late Christmas Swag

Again, I know I'm late. I KNOW. I can't help it.

But I got some pretty cool stuff for Christmas that I can share on here. Thanks to my wonderful fiance. Yes... I said it. FIANCE. That's what he is now.
Yeah... excuse how tired I look there please. I'd not been getting much sleep.
Where was I?

Christmas goodies.
Ready for this?
 A cuddly, plush, pull-apart zombie (no really, you can pull him apart, everything is velcroed together) and behind it a book of my own photographs!
A Dixon (as in Daryl.... a-thank you) Crossbows sweatshirt which is SOOOOO soft and comfy

A pretty pink zombie hunting nerf crossbow :-P (he got himself a real one which I'm a pretty good shot with)

The Zombie Survival Guide and a sardine tin with survival items in it

And zombie targets for my crossbow
Is he not the greatest? He's the ONLY person that got me ANYTHING book related. Guess he knows me better than anyone else. :-P Family included. But seriously, I loved everything I got. 


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