Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Hobbit Day

Saturday was Hobbit Day being that it was both Mr. Frodo's and Mr. Bilbo's birthdays.

My boyfriend, girls, and I celebrated by having a hobbit style dinner, reading a small bit from the book, watching the new trailer for the movie, and then watching the cartoon movie. Sure, some of the foods are a stretch, but we did what we could. :-)

We had some nice juicy fruits (strawberries, blackberries, etc), mashed po-ta-toes, honey butter biscuits, pickles, sliced meats and cheeses... we had apple cider to drink (and fruit smoothies, just because I wanted to make them) and then some good old modern day popcorn to enjoy during the movie.

Both the dog and my littlest one fell asleep on my leg about halfway through the cartoon. And yes, I do put a loose muzzle on my dog because she gets mouthy and likes to "chew" people and clothing and things. She is still a puppy though.

It was a fun "celebration" and an over-all entertaining night.

Did any of you celebrate Hobbit Day?

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