Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting: Lord of the Rings Edition

So last week marked my last week in babysitting.

I think.

And I'd completely run out of ideas as to what I should do with the girls to keep them busy.

Again, leave it to my fantastic boyfriend to supply funness.

We did a Lord of the Rings themed night. The girls each made their own "One Ring" out of clay.

They decorated their own Hobbit swords to defend against the Nazgul and the Orcs while we listened to music from the soundtrack.

I looked up a recipe for "Lembas Bread" (homemade sugar cookies) and made some for my little Hobbitses.

Once their rings baked and dried they painted them in golds and coppers and glittery colors.

With the paint drying on their rings of power I made them some Mead (cream soda and vanilla ice cream) to drink while they watched The Fellowship of the Ring.

The movie was a little bit scary for them. And it was too long to actually watch the whole thing before my sister got home from work. But they had fun. And it kept them busy and entertained.


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