Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Week of Reviews

So here's the deal. What I'm trying to do right now is get a week's worth of reviews up on my blog before posting another meme. Which is proving more difficult than I had anticipated because I'm trying to read all of those books at once. I am significantly behind in my reading challenge for the year (by 12 books according to Goodreads) but I am trying to remedy that as much as I can.

I am currently reading Once a Cowboy by Linda Warren, Luthiel's Song: War of Mists by Robert Fanney, and I'm listening to Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. I will be done with at least one of those in the next few days. Two of those are extremely massive books. Well, I'm listening to Inheritance rather than reading it. I love Gerard Doyle (the narrator). But it's 24 CDs long and I'm on disc 21. So... almost there.

I want to thank everyone for visiting my page this month (and every other month). The amount of visits/pageviews this month has MORE than doubled ANY other month this blog has been active. And I really appreciate every one of you.

Here's to a week's worth of reviews!

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