Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review - Lucy the Dinosaur by Joey Ahlbum (text by Molly Brouillette)

Moms and dads looking for the best kid's picture book will love Frederator Books' newest read along digital book! Lucy is an explorer and a leader. She has a natural curiosity about things because Lucy wants to learn. Meet Lucy and her other dino friends as they learn, joke and skateboard! Lucy is a larger than life dinosaur who loves adventures. With Lucy in the lead, her loyal crew crawls, skates, and dances their way to learning. Lucy’s curiosity holds no bounds—she counts, she hunts for treasure, she even puts on a play! Veteran animator, Joey Ahlbum will charm kids with his friendly and dynamic art. Fans of Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, Sandra Boynton & Mo Willems will love these cheerful read alongs.
Lucy the Dinosaur is actually a series of books for children by Joey Ahlbum. It's absolutely adorable and greater for younger kiddos. It's bright and attention grabbing. The illustrations are simple but eye catching. There are lots of fun things for children to look at. The best thing about these books, in my opinion, is the fact that Lucy loves to learn. She and her friends count, sing, play outside, and problem solve. Which I think is a fantastic alternative to things like video games.

I would probably recommend this series for children Kindergarten and under. They're not too long so little ones learning how to read won't become overwhelmed with pages. And they're a great length because we all know how the attention span of kids can be. Relatively non-existant. This series is perfect for them.

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