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Review - Quantum Entanglement (Interchron Book 2) by Liesel K. Hill

Five months after traveling to a post-apocalyptic future where collectives reign supreme and individuals have been hunted to the verge of extinction, Maggie Harper was returned to her own time until the threat to her life could be neutralized. She thought Marcus and the others would return for her within a few weeks, and now she’s beginning to worry.

When travelers from the future finally show up to collect her, it’s not who she expected. With the return of her memories, she wants more than ever to see Marcus again, but a snake-like woman whose abilities are a perfect match for Maggie’s, an injured Traveler, and decades of civil unrest to wade through all stand in the way of their reunion.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Karl traipse through the countryside, trying to neutralize Colin, who’s promised to brutalize and murder Maggie if he can get his hands on her. When a collective woman is left for dead, Marcus heals her, hoping she’ll be the key to killing Colin and bringing Maggie back. But she may prove as much a hindrance as a help.

The team struggles to get their bearings, but things happen faster than they know. The collectives are coalescing, power is shifting, and the one called B is putting sinister plans into action. If the team can’t reunite and get a handle on the situation, their freedom and individuality—perhaps their very identity—will be ripped away before they can catch their breath.
To say that I haven't been dying to read this would have been a lie. I received Quantum Entanglement by Liesel K. Hill just a few days ago. At first I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish it in time to get this review up, but, then I remembered how much I loved the first installment and from there on out it wasn't a concern.

In part two of this series, we revisit Maggie 5 months after she's been deposited back in her time at her home with her brother to wait until it's safe enough for her to return to Interchron, her team, and Marcus. Only things don't work out quite the way any of them had planned.

Jonah, Maggie's brother, has a new girlfriend. Justine. She seems likeable enough and she gets along with Maggie, but, she's not who she seems to be. Instead of doting girlfriend she turns out to be a new kind of enemy that Maggie hasn't seen before with abilities that puzzle her completely. The pair can't seem to keep ahead of Justine long enough to get away from her until a blast from her past, or future depending on how you look at it, come in swinging to save her.

It didn't take me long to get completely and totally sucked in to this story. There was action from the word go and it was fantastic. There was barely enough time for me to catch a breath in between chapters before being caught up in something else. And I loved that in this installment we got a deeper look in to Marcus's and David's past before Interchron and before David joined the Collective through flashbacks that Marcus kept having.

Maggie is still the strong character we met in Persistence of Vision and in Quantum Entanglement we get to see a lot more of Jonah as well. It's really great to see the bond between the brother and sister and how they're so protective of each other. It's a complete contrast between how Marcus and David are which I find incredibly interesting. But I suppose it makes sense considering what we now know of how David ended up leaving Marcus behind to join the Collective.

Tenessa was a pretty good new character as well. I found myself extremely frustrated with her most times, but she definitely surprised me in the end. Salla and Kristee, though, may have been my favorite additions. Kristee because even though she's knew to Interchron, she runs off to help David and Lila find Maggie and bring her back. And Salla, because she knew the limits of her capabilities but was completely confident in what she could do.

In this book we get to see lots of different time periods which I absolutely love. Feels like I'm in an episode of Doctor Who with all of the time travel that's being done. And with the fact that they never quite end up where they mean to be. It kind of makes you wonder if our world could end up like the world in the book at some point in the future. And, I'm still jealous and wish that I had some kind of neurochemical abilities that would let me do the things these characters can do.

If you read book one, I absolutely recommend that you find this book as quickly as you possibly can and start reading it immediately. It's action packed, and, like its predecessor, gets the wheels in your brain turning but doesn't do all of the thinking for you.  If you didn't read book one, then you should. Now. Then, when you're done, get book two. If only book three were out already!

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  1. I'm so excited to start reading this! I absolutely LOVED Persistence of Vision!


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