Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not Enough Enoughness

Have you ever been reading and reading and reviewing and reading and reviewing and then all of the sudden something happens and it throws the emergency brake on and you come to a screeching halt? That's happened to me.

I'm still reading, but it's taking me forever to get through this book. And not even because it's a bad one. It's not. It's just not got enough.... enoughness... for me to be wicked excited about reading it at the moment. It's not really hooking me and pulling me in like I'd hoped it would. Once I'm finished with it though I can get in to the book I'm doing for a tour in June and hopefully I'll be able to finish that one more quickly.

In the mean time...

What is your favorite genre to read... and what is the BEST musical representation (as in songs) for that genre in your opinion?

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