Monday, August 8, 2011

Shiver vs Linger Audio Books

A while ago I wrote a post about audio books. Graceling and Shiver in particular.

I wasn't too fond at first of the guy they chose to narrate Sam's part. He sounded really nasally and creepy because you could tell that he was just so much older than the role he was supposed to be portraying. About halfway through the book though, he got much better. I enjoyed listening to him. I really did.

Once I was finished with Shiver I put Linger in the CD player. Different Sam. This one is more the age I thought Sam should sound, and at first I almost liked him better. But the more I listen the more it irritates me. He reads every sentence like it's a question. And it SOUNDS like he's reading. His narration is not as effortless as Jenna Lamia. It sounds like he's trying too hard. Honestly I think they should have stuck with David Ledoux.

I love Isabel and Cole though. I think they picked perfect people for those parts. Cole's voice is soft and could almost put me to sleep. It's just... melodic. I guess that's a good thing to sound like since Cole is a rock star. I'm not really sure what to say about Isabel. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is about the person who reads Isabel. I just love her voice.

I definitely recommend listening to both books on CD. No matter how much it bothers me that every sentence Sam says in book 2 sounds like he's asking someone something.

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  1. i'm listening to shiver's audiobook right now! well, not as i write this, but yeah, in general. and i can't really say i'm liking it. david ledoux's voice just doesn't cut it for me at ALL. i pictured sam as jim sturgess, so david's voice just clashes pretty horribly with his face. LOL.

    i think i can safely say i'd have much preferred the book, esp. since audibooks take FOEVER to finish!


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